Muscle body Cuirass with gorget

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Muscle body Cuirass with gorget

Muscle Body Cuirass., This Full Plate Armor is handmade from 18 gauge high carbon polished steel. It comes with the muscled breast plate and a shouldered back plate. Both plates have leather straps and metal adjustable buckles so this beautiful piece can be worn. Inside is enameled black for ease of upkeep.
These cuirasses were much more effective at deflecting a blow from a spear, sword, arrow dart or stone, all which were employed by the ancient Greek warriors.

Made as a set, the breast and backplate are adjustable with two straps and buckles at the sides and one at the shoulders.


  • Diameter: Top to Bottom 24 inches
  • Solder to Solder : 16 inches
  • Actual Weight in Kg: 4.200 kg
  • Actual Weight in Pounds: 9.2 lb