300 Rise of an Empire Helmet

The Persian Emperor Xerxes tried to invade Greece, he did not turn away after the loose at Thermopylae. No, more battles would come. 300 showed the bravery of the Spartans in that battle. And now, 300 Rise of an Empire reveals more to the story, showing how brave Grecians fought to stop the god-king Xerxes in his conquests. If you love the 300 series, this 300 Rise of an Empire category is perfect to slake your hunger for awe-inspiring items from the film too. Medieval Edge offers you all kinds of cool collectibles and accents.This Helmet is High quality 18 Gauge steel.



  • Inner Diameter: Front to back 9 inches
  • Ear to ear: 7.5 inches
  • Circumference: 25.91 inches