Northern Italian Barbuta Helmet

Italian Barbuta Helmet is replicated from Lombard town Missaglia, where it probably was made between 1460 and 1470 AD.It has the same slim cut, the same pronounced comb and the decorated rivets.The helmet is fitted with an adjustable leather inlay and is also covered with leather inside. Unlike the other barbutes of the era, this helm features a wide, open face, lacking the distinctive T or Y shaped opening. It does, however, possess the central ridge, which acted as a secondary defense that diverted force away from the crown of the head upon every impact. Perhaps ahead of its time in the 15th century, this North Italian Barbute Helmet remains a fine example of Italian armor-craft, and to the enthusiast today.


  • Inner Diameter: Front to back 9 inches
  • Ear to ear: 8 inches
  • Circumference: 26.69 inches
  • Actual Weight in Kg: 1.480 kg
  • Actual Weight in Pounds: 3.3 lb