Black Cotton Gorget

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Black Cotton Gorget

Made with very heavy duty cotton padding and felt lined wool for maximum lifetime and functionality of the garment, this Collar & Coif combo is fully functional. Provide protection from the chest, shoulders, neck and face areas from impact and fatigue from wearing heavy steel armor. The collar has a split center to make it easy to put it on, and a very thick, adjustable, 100% leather strap and solid brass buckle secure this to your body. Extra leather straps are on each shoulder which allow you to secure more cotton padding and armor with easy, also providing variable adjustments for size and apparel. During the Middle Ages, warriors would stuff this padding with straw, wool, or any other padding they could before putting on their armor. It can also be worn as armor if chainmail or armor plating was not available.


  • Length: 13 inches
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Actual Weight in Kg: 0.480 kg
  • Actual Weight in Pounds: 1.1 lb

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