300 King Spartan Helmet

300 king spartan Helmet with plum

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300 king spartan Helmet with plum

This is helmet is perfectly made of 18 gauge Iron steel 


This type of Greek helmet was used 300 spartan movie. This is a hand made forged from 18 gauge iron steel and can be polished to a high finish. It has brass details and can be worn although a padded inner cap would be recommended.

It is a perfect addition to any helmet collection and ideal for re-enactments and display purposes.

This product is coated with a grease that prevents it from rusting in storage. Please wipe it carefully with a dry cloth to remove it.

This Helmet is High quality 18 Gauge Mild steel comes with leather liner & chinstrap

It has a detachable black  plume


  • Inner Diameter: Front to back 9 inches
  • Ear to ear: 8.5 inches
  • Circumference: 26.69 inches

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